How to get California car insurance quotes online and in real time.

Young and old drivers can be bigger risks

No one loves to get California car insurance quotes, but it’s especially troublesome for drivers that are in the fringe age groups—younger drivers and older drivers.  If you are an older driver, you probably feel that you have been unfairly singled out. After all, you have been driving for decades—maybe even 50 years. You have a lot of experience behind the wheel, you’ve seen it all and know what you’re doing—why on earth would you face higher prices?

The answer is “risk.”  Actuarial tables predict risk based on the number of claims filed. Those tables show that older drivers are more at risk. They have more accidents. They file more claims. They cost insurance companies like more money. So if you look at it that way, it’s more understandable.

If you are an older driver you may not even notice that your reflexes and response time are getting slower. You may not realize that you are a bit more easily distracted on the road and sometimes even confused. And that’s just from ordinary aging—so have no shame. It’s not your fault. But. Imagine the number of drivers in the early stages of dementia on the road—and there are plenty. They certainly contribute to the statistics that are working against you.

But what you may not know is that you may be able to reduce your costs when you get a quote if you take a mature driver safe driving course.  There are several available, including one by the AARP. Insurers look more kindly on older drivers who take a course to refresh their skills.

Younger drivers face similar issues. They are inexperienced at the wheel and if they get in a tight spot may not know how to get out without having an accident. They’re definitely more distracted when in the car and there is always that risk that they will text—a danger to themselves and others.  This is another case where a young driver might be able to lower costs by taking a driver education course.  And it’s not well-known that they may be able to lower costs if they are a good student—because sometimes, a “good student discount” can apply.

These are the fact, whether we like them or not. So why not take advantage of one of the discounts available to those who accept the facts?