Most popular forms of New York Insurance

  1.  Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandated for every person in the state.  That being said, many people still fall through the cracks, leading to issues regarding payment if and when something goes wrong.  Despite this, there are countless options in the state that provide insurance for individuals who can get it.  Some of these insurance types include Medicare, Medicaid, the state run exchange, and insurance provided through your employer.  Figuring out what kind of insurance is right for you require knowing what category you fall into.

  1.  Car Insurance

Car insurance is also required by state law, meaning that many people will have it if they have a car.  The second most popular form of insurance, countless individuals across the state require car insurance in order to go to and from work.  Cities like New York City, Utica, Ithaca, Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo all have thousands of commuters who travel to work every day.  In addition, while there are some bus routes and train routes that make travel easier, many people decide to get cars because it makes travel to remote destinations far easier.

  1.  Homeowners Insurance

While homeowners insurance is not required by state law, many mortgage providers will require some form of homeowners insurance before giving out the mortgage.  With that in mind, homeowners insurance is often considered the most important kind of insurance anyone can have on a financial asset.  Protecting both the money you put into your home as well as you most cherished possessions, homeowners insurance provides you a peace of mind against the unknown.

  1.  Renters Insurance

With the population of New York State centered around so many cities, it makes sense that renters insurance is as popular as it is.  The primary goal of renters insurance is to provide some financial protection in case something happens to the belongings of an individual in their rented apartment.  Whether this be something like flooding or a fire, or something like a robbery or theft, renters insurance can help cover the costs.